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Partner Programs - Drop-In Counselling | Age 6 - 29 (+ Families)

Partner Programs

Drop-In Counselling provides youth with fast, hassle-free mental health walk-in counselling at no cost. Drop-in clients will be offered 1-hour counselling sessions from expertly trained clinicians. With wait lists of up to one year for children’s mental health agencies, Drop-In meets a real and urgent need among youth. This service is developed and lead by Lumenus Community Services.

About Lumenus Community Services:
The vision of Lumenus Community Services is to provide excellent, accessible and integrated mental health, developmental and community services. Our journey began with the amalgamation of our four agencies in April, 2020. Where there are gaps we will create seamless connections – where there are obstacles or barriers, we will improve access. Where there is worry, there will be hope. We will do this in collaboration with our clients and partners.  That is the bright future of Lumenus – where every client has the opportunity to be seen, be heard and to be well: 

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