Research & Evaluation

Research is essential at MLSE LaunchPad! Our cutting-edge Sport for Development research will help youth to excel, right here and around the world.

Our Research team develops fun and innovative ways to gather important data without getting in the way of programs. As a registered LaunchPad member, you will complete short, user-friendly questionnaires designed especially for your age group. You’ll also meet 1:1 with research staff for a yearly check-in. We’ll use tablets or even your own phone to make the questionnaires easy to do. By being part of the research program, you will earn points that can be redeemed for great rewards like tickets and gear. We’re also collaborating with academic partners at major institutions like Ryerson, the University of Toronto, and York University.

Our goal is to learn HOW sport helps youth to recognize and reach their potential - and how we can create an even greater impact!