MLSE LaunchPad Committees

MLSE LaunchPad Youth Advisory Council 

The MLSE LaunchPad Youth Advisory Council is a group of young people who are passionate about helping youth reach their full potential through sport, education and community engagement. The Youth Advisory will support MLSE LaunchPad by creating youth focused events, activities and providing feedback on our programs.
MLSE LaunchPad Research Advisory Committee

The MLSE LaunchPad Research Advisory Committee is made up of youth and parent representatives, academic partners, and MLSE LaunchPad staff. Advisors will participate in ongoing research and evaluation decisions; design, approval, and implementation of research projects; and knowledge sharing, including presenting findings to the public. Benefits of participating learning valuable research skills, meeting a diverse group of researchers in the youth sport field, impacting MLSE LaunchPad’s innovative research program, and the chance to attend conferences and events.

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