Social Circus Training - Social Circus 16-29 | Age 16-29

Social Circus Training

Social Circus empowers youth to become better individuals through social circus arts such as, juggling, hula-hoop, dance, and acting/improv. The program offers support for youth facing barriers to discover unique talents they possess and use them as a source of inspiration in a non-competitive environment. This program is developed and lead by Square Circle and delivered in partnership with MLSE LaunchPad to include a sport component that promotes a healthy active lifestyle. 

About Square Circle:
Using the tradition of Social Circus and other creative arts, the goal of Square Circle is to empower youth to become directors of their own lives.  Our programs develop communication, interpersonal, artistic and physical skills in a safe, collaborative and fun environment. The participating youth are encouraged to overcome fear, insecurities and to build a greater vision of themselves.  To learn more about the great work Square Circle is doing in the community, visit:

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Program Dates

Fall 2018
Days: Tuesday 
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Age: 16-29
Dates: September 17 - November 17